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Brendan and Yani  - Week 1

Wow, this week has gone by so fast, and I’m thoroughly enjoying working with Yani.

Yani is very cautious and wary about being touched, but she is finally allowing me to touch her off-side, but not allowing me on her near side at all, or anywhere near her face.

So I’ve been working on getting her trust and having her comfortable to my touch slowly over the week. I have been able to pat her with a rope in my hand also, getting her confidence and readying her to be able to wear a rope halter.

On Friday, Yani allowed me to touch and pat her face (only a little bit though), that’s a huge break through. Saturday she allowed me to pat both sides of her neck and face but only from the off side. From here she progressed to allowing the rope to touch her both sides also and then up and down her face, with a more relaxed head position and lots of licking and chewing afterwards.

Sunday, and Yani was finally ready for a halter, which she allowed me to put on with no fuss at all….. and another breakthrough moment!! This now has enabled me to ask her to do some face up work. I have also rubbed down her legs and in no time at all I am able to pick up all 4 feet with the lead hanging to the ground in front of her.

Her ability to trust has overwhelmed me and I love her more and more each day.

Next week I will keep going over what has been established, getting more trust and relaxation before we move on to other things as she allows, and all at the pace Yani sets.

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