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Brendan and Yani - Week 10

This week I have been really busy with farrier work and only getting home after dark, so Yani has had the week to absorb and take in everything that has been happening and just have the week to herself.

Saturday I had another horse that I had started under saddle going home and the owner is a Level Assessor for HRCAV, so I took the advantage of Lorraine coming and asked her to assess Yani for Adult Riding Club to enter in future for some local jumping or dressage comps. After having the week off Yani was a little more jumpy than normal, but she settled really quickly, which I was happy with, and now VBA Yani is assessed Level 4 for both disciplines.

Sunday, today, was a nice sunny day, so we decided to head out for a trail ride with 3 others. From our place we need to ride along the highway to access any bush trails so we did that and rode for about an hour and a half there and back. Walking, trotting, swapping from front of the group and none of this upset Yani at all. A few more “wet saddle cloths” so to speak and she will settle a lot more. After the ride I hosed the sweat of Yani with warm water and put her back in the paddock with something to eat, and she had a roll. Then at feeding up time, I brushed off the mud she rolled in earlier and gave her a massage to help get rid of any lactic acid so she doesn’t get sore. Rug went on and then night feed. Yani is starting to think life is pretty good.

I have entered Yani in a local show jumping comp, we will be able to familiarize her with the grounds in the weeks prior so it will be a good experience for her, and see how she goes with a lot of horses and people around. The comp will be at a large reserve so if I feel Yani isn’t coping with a lot going on I can take her away and settle her by herself before returning home. It should be a good opportunity to see just how she handles it all.


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