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Brendan and Yani - Week 11

This week I have just been riding and getting Yani light in the contact and responsive to the aids. She had still been a bit reactive and I wanted her to respond rather than react.

I have also been putting Yani over a couple of jumps in a relaxed manner, so we approach relaxed, jump, then stop, relax and walk off. This is to prepare her for a show jumping competition that I have entered her in for this Saturday. The competition will be more for the outing and atmosphere than the jumping for Yani. If she gets over a couple of jumps, I will be happy. It will be a big day mentally, emotionally and physically and I will be aware of this and only as Yani to do what I think she can handle.

I took Yani for a float ride on Saturday to test the floating training, and she had no problems with the ride at all. I was aware that she had come into season with the warmer weather and am interested to see how the girly mood swings will affect her behaviour. At this stage she is ok, but it’s very early spring!

Also this week we had a friend and her two kids come out to meet Yani. The kids weren’t that interested and played with the dogs instead, they ran around and past Yani. She watched them play for half an hour while she stood tied up next to us adults who were chatting, and she didn’t flinch or bat an eyelid at the commotion. I was very impressed with how far she is coming and amazes me every day.

 This is a short update this week I’m afraid, and it will be a little the same next week in preparation for Saturdays competiton, I’ll let you know how it goes.

But “VBA Yani” made it into another local paper too, this time the Border Morning Mail, and it was a great article on the brumbies and what we are doing to promote their versatility as a ridden horse.


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