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Brendan and Yani - Week 12

This week has mainly been about preparing Yani for her first competition of Show Jumping, doing flat work to further establish her balance in turns and during transitions, which will help relaxation, then we would jump 6 or 7 jump combinations, which Yani is quite happy with, and then a warm down long neck and low in trot and walk.

The show jumping day was postponed like many competitions all over victoria due to the rain . Oh Well…..  Saturday we had quite a few visitors throughout the day all here to meet Yani, so it turned out a good day for Yani anyway. She had lots of different people to meet and play with and she enjoyed the attention.

Sunday brought more visitors again who met Yani and then watched her worked and ridden. A friend Anne, is doing a photography degree and has an assignment which is to produce an 8 minute video/doco and she has chosen to do it on the Brumbies and the journey Yani is taking so that will be exciting for all concerned. Yani will be famous, if not more so! Look forward to seeing the finished product for the assignment.


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