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Brendan and Yani - Week 13

Well, this week I spent the first few days with Yani going on some relaxed rides out off the property on our own, to just go somewhere instead of staying at home jumping or doing flat work to break up her training regime.

I decided to turn the platform/bridge into a see saw and get Yani on it to see what she how she would handle it moving, which she did in hand so good I decided to ride Yani over it without too much more introduction. She stepped up and when it rocked over I was prepared for a reaction but nothing… Yani was so comfortable with it I got her standing on it balanced so both ends were off the ground. This mare is such a great little horse.

We had rain for the rest of the week, so nothing much happened until Saturday when Yani and I went out for another leisurely ride down along the highway for a couple of hours. There was so much water laying around after all the rain that we had about a dozen big water crossings to navigate but Yani never hesitated and strolled straight on through. Loving her more and more…

Yani is going to make someone a fantastic all round, do anything horse. Right from the start I’ve been very impressed with Yani’s leg action with all her paces and wondered why a Brumby would be doing naturally what we try to breed and train into our horses, then on one of our trail rides we crossed a patch of tall tussicky grass growing in clumps and as we trotted through it Yani elevated her movement even more to move though the clumps easily. Then the penny dropped for me, this type of ground cover is probably more what she is used to in the high country and from a foal she has had to lift her legs  just to keep up with the herd, so it’s from a habit created by necessity for a Brumby.

Isn’t nature amazing…….  so when you’re looking for your next dressage horse you can’t go past a Brumby for naturally elevated movement!   


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