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Brendan and Yani - Week 14

Early this week was spent just riding and fine tuning a few things in a relaxed mode, the focus being relax, relax and more relax and Yani is getting more and more as we progress.

She is also more responsive and less reactive, which is great. I’m enjoying her more every time I ride her.

Yani has had a few days off and Saturday Yani had a visit from some Kergunyah Pony club members and their parents, which was the first time she had been surrounded by so many people at one time. Yani really seemed to enjoy the attention and we showed them what we have been doing like the see saw, pool noodle etc..

Then the girls (PC members) patted, played and generally spoilt Yani rotten and she loved it, she was just one of the girls…….

To wind down the week I floated Yani down the road with my partner Mel’s mare and we went for a relaxed trail ride. Yani took the lead and showed the experienced horse how it’s done!



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