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Brendan and Yani - Week 15

It’s a short update this week,Yani has had the week off due to weather as usual.

Thursday we had the Equine Dentist visit and Yani had 3 teeth removed and some ulcers from some sharp edges. A follow up visit will be required in 4 weeks to tidy up the rest of her teeth as she had some pulled. Yani was very well behaved and handled the dentistry work without needing to be sedated, and we were able to determine her age to be 4.5 years.

With the weather being too wet and cold to do anything, and with the dentist’s visit Yani hadn’t been ridden since last Sunday when it was good weather last.

But today was sunny and I took the opportunity to give Yani a ride out, Melanie and I went out down the back roads and Yani started on her toes initially but quickly settled and relaxed, gotta love spring time with mares! I noticed also that Yani was much more happier in her bridle so those teeth must have been uncomfortable with the bit.

 We had to ride over the bridge which she hasn’t had to cross until now. The river was very high, muddy and flowing furiously so it was noisy as well but she followed the other mare cautiously and we were lucky enough that the vehicle coming the other way responded well to being asked to stop and wait for us to cross as the sides on the bridge are low and unless your horse is accustom to having a vehicle close it is a bit hairy to think how easy going over the rail can be.  On the return trip, Yani happily crossed without much fuss. The photo I have included with the update this week is of Yani’s new bling brow band. I’d like to thank Sarah who has The Bejewelled Tack Box for handmaking this for Yani. 



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