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Brendan and Yani - Week 16

Well you may have all seen on the news or facebook that we have had a lot more rain here in the North East of Vic!! With flooding Wednesday and Thursday in the area, and being soggy and cold it hasn’t been the best conditions unless you’re a duck which has to be the only beings taking advantage of all the water every where!

Our property is fine, we don’t have any old waterway paths for the river to take up and it’s very good drainage so even puddle’s formed dissipate the next morning. Yani seems only to have work days on weekends lately but that’s not such a bad thing. Human contact every day without the work is good.

So with the whole week being about floods and rain, Saturday was a pleasant sunny 23 degree day.

I rode Yani in the arena concentrating on transistions under saddle. Not a long session in the saddle but enough to get some great work from her.

Then my partner Melanie had a ride on Yani which is a huge moment for Yani as she hasn’t been comfortable for any one else to get on her yet. In previous attempts Yani would back up when I have asked someone try to get on her, usually as soon as the person raises their foot into the stirrup. But Saturday was the day! Yani stood perfectly still and relaxed to let Mel hop on and have a ride around the round yard.

Mel was impressed with her forwardness as she said Yani always looks so calm, but she is always going somewhere even if it is just around in a small enclosure.

Obviously Yani’s trust with all humans has grown as this shows she is willing to trust now two humans!

I have entered Yani in a dressage competition this coming Saturday at being held at Elmore at the equestrian facility there, so fingers crossed it won’t be postponed or cancelled as most events across victoria have done so for the last few weeks.

I’m really looking forward to some better weather where I can work with Yani for a few days in a row now. Here’s to hoping!



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