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Brendan and Yani - Week 17

Wow what a week!

On a personal note I just finished 3 years of chemo medication this week, causing a bit of mixed emotions and I’m looking forward to having more energy and feeling better, but also it is a bit like letting go of a safety line….

Yani this week we spent mostly doing flatwork in preparation for the dressage Jackpot competition being held at Elmore Saturday 16th.

Yani had been working nicely so on Friday instead of flat work, Mel and I went for a relaxed trail ride up the bush, which is Yani’s most favourite venture.

After the ride, I washed and preened Yani up ready for the dressage day and an early start.

Saturday morning we headed off on the 3 hour trip to Elmore for the dressage comp. We arrived a few hours early to let Yani soak up the atmosphere and settle in a yard near some other horses. Then I took her out on the lead to look around at the arena’s and warm up areas. She took it all in her stride and she seemed pretty ok with everything going on.

I saddled up about 45 mins before our first test to give her plenty of opportunity to warm up and relax, not knowing how she would be, but again Yani was cool and with everything. All the other horses going in all directions didn’t bother her at all, I was so proud of my little Brumby.

As we waited for our turn to present to the judges vehicle before our test I just walked her around instead of asking her to stand.

Yani was great during the dressage test, only missing one canter lead but I was able to correct it on the 20m circle. Fantastic!

Out of one arena and 10min break before the next test was up, nothing like putting the pressure on! Not quite as settled for this test but still very happy with how Yani performed, handling the black plastic arena boundary and the sand, and the judges vehicle parked at one end and Mel standing at the edge calling this test. It was windy and there were a few rogue plastic bags here and there also. Yani never put a foot wrong.

We were one of about 18 riders in our level and Yani placed 8th overall in the Jackpot. I’m so happy with how the day went. Yani is such a super little horse and I’m so very proud of her and her achievements.


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