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Brendan and Yani - Week 18

Not much to report on this week. Yani has had a short break after a full week last week

leading up to the Dressage Comp. She has just started to avoid being caught as that means work for her, so I have put her back into a smaller paddock, but this doesn’t mean less grass as the grass is up to our knees everywhere at the moment. Yani is getting better with catching and after the concentrated time frame of having Equitana looming, I’m sure Yani will be a lot better for her new owner without having to be worked so consistently.


This week I have started to think about some preparations for Equitana, which I am keeping to myself for now……… sorry, it’ll be a surprise.


Today which is Sunday, the best day it seems for weather and riding through out this whole

journey and time with my Brumby, a trail ride was in order. Some relaxed walking through the bush. I went with Mel and her mare as usual, they travel well in the float, and we had to navigate several trees across the path due to the wind and wet ground. The horses had to go up the banks and around the obstacles and back down steep banks. Yani handled all of this with me on her back as if I wasn’t there, Her calmness and surefootedness was amazing.

Sliding with her hind under her for support and just steering with her front and letting the soft earth crumble and give until she reached the track again. No rushing or panicking like some..... Yani is fantastic. She is also travelling really well in the float now, there was a lot of traffic today as we slowly go up the road and everyone else is in a hurry to get somewhere, overtaking and zooming past. Yani has no troubles with this aspect of her ridden horse career. Such a new concept for a Brumby to travel in a box on wheels while the her companion scratches and rocks around next to her, and Yani just looks at the other horse wondering what all the commotion could possibly be about.


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