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Brendan and Yani - Week 19

This week Yani and I spent a couple of days working on relaxed trot to canter transitions as Yani tends to get a bit tense when asked to canter on the right rein canter lead. She prefers to put all her weight on her right shoulder as she is naturally left bended.

So after asking for her to shift the weight to the left shoulder, and ask for her quarters to come to the inside of the track a little, which is natural position for the quarters of a green horse, and Yani then can strike the correct canter lead.

Now when I ask with inside leg aid, and weight to the outside she easily gets both canter leads correct in either direction. Im sure she is thinking “bloody human, why didn’t he just ask me properly the first time!”.


Then it’s onto working on the freestyle preparation for Equitana…………….. still not letting on what we are planning. sorry..      and thinking about the music to put to it.

I am hoping we will be ready for the Equitana challenges, I have prepared Yani for it as much as I can in the short time from being wild to ridden that an intelligent and amazing little horse can be. I’m sure anything can and will happen as always does with horses, but Yani has already proved to me and you her followers just how much of a wonder our Australian Brumbies are.


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