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Brendan and Yani - Week 2

During this week I have been lungeing Yani at a slow walk, as I find it allows more control, rather than just chasing them in circles.  I ask her to move her shoulder away and then walk with me instead of rushing off.  

I have also introduced a blanket being thrown on and off from both sides so if I wanted to give her a warm hosing she would then dry off under the woollen blanket.

Yani and I have been for a lead out of the round yard, around in the dressage arena and over some painted ground poles to then finish with a pick of long green grass for a while to relax. I then gave her a warm bath and towel off, where after I tie her up with the blanket on to dry. I have just started the tie up training with Yani, where like with any young/green or re-educating horse I wouldn’t use a solid arrangement so they don’t have anything to fight against and have the confidence to not pull back in panic or fear.

I am happy getting the foundations really solid so Yani is comfortable with anything new I ask of her, and I can not stress this enough. I’m in no hurry to mount and ride yet, as I don’t see this as a “3 week challenge” situation, as we have plenty of time to get all the ground work good first. It will really pay off in the long run as Yani is still very flighty and cautious, but willing to try (if not without an argument or discussion first) and then learns pretty quickly.

 Yani has had a few days off during this week also to let her soak up and process all the new experiences that have happened to her in the last two weeks, I don’t want to frazzle her mind so this coming week I will work on getting her better with giving to the halter pressure and balancing her by ask her to move her shoulders in preparation for mouthing. We will also work towards girthing and carrying the saddle, then some more preparation for carrying a rider. As always with my training I like to end a new learning session with something the horse knows well to solidify the trust between us. 

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