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Brendan and Yani - Week 20

More preparation work for Equitana this week, finding music and timing the routine to see if I need to add something or take something out.

I decided to add something but I hadn’t done this with Yani for a fair while….    not the time to throw that in, just a week and a half out from Equitana. All it managed to do is stir Yaniup, she got on her toes a bit. So safe to say I ditched that idea and went back to the original ideas relaxed Yani, and started again. 

I had the routine timed and ran almost spot on 4 mins, so really I didn’t have to throw any suprises at Yani…….. Don’t over think it Brendan, Keep it simple.

For a bit of difference for this week I was accompanied out on a trail ride by three friends, Yani was feeling good and was a bit excited to start the ride with, then settled really quickly and strolled along beautifully. Even when she is feeling a bit on her toes and jogs, that’s all she does, no dirt. Then Yani relaxes. It’s more like she is happy to be going somewhere.

Yani has been such a pleasure to have around and I will really miss her when she goes to her new home after Equitana. 



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