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Brendan and Yani - Week 4

This week I began by just going over some of the stuff Yani had already done, as she had had almost a week off, and it was nice to see how much she had absorbed and accepted and also what she was not so sure about.

Yani picked it up all again really quickly, and I’m sure the time off really helped at this point,

so I started introducing the saddle and girth. I do this separate to each other, not as one lesson, using a girthing rope. She is now accepting the saddle and wearing it comfortably without any stress.

Yani has just started calling out to us when we step outside, which is a nice change, it warms the heart and tells me she is starting to accept that she now has a couple of humans in her herd. She is still timid and I suspect that she would probably have been one of the dominant mares in her wild herd, so it is taking her a while to accept that a human is a leader.

Yani is getting more and more cuddly, and loves having her face rubbed, she relaxes and lowers her head when I rub her face.

I am looking forward to this coming week (hopefully without rain) as I will start introducing more lateral work in hand and asking her to carry weight as she is getting closer to accepting a rider.

My partner and I take her out regularly for walks on the lead and a pick of the long green grass we have around our property, that’s her most favourite thing and will even approach any stranger if they have a hand full of green grass to offer her. She is happy to rub her muzzle on their hands, and even one toddler climbed her yard and got to pat her face.

We are trying to introduce two people more often now, as if one of us has her on the lead and the other approaches it is a bit daunting for her, we take it steady, approach, pat and then retreat. Repeating a few times before allowing her to be with the original handler and relax to graze again. 

Today, Saturday, Yani even ate a carrot, and decided she loves them! So I guess now my partner, Mel, will be out there everyday spoiling her, and giving her cuddles……. 


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