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Brendan and Yani - Week 5

Well, this week we have had some ups and downs. At the beginning of the week we had some nice sunny days and Yani became more comfortable with me walking beside her, giving her head to pressure from the halter as in steering, both towards and away from my body, readying her more for when I ride her.

Yani was also comfortable with me jumping up and down next to her like when you mount bareback, and then accepting me laying my weight on her. I felt it was time I could sit up on her back.  She accepted my weight and height being up on her back so I took the next step and asked her to walk on, and she did so around the yard very relaxed and calmly, giving her head and changing direction lightly when I asked.

We also have had a few friends calling in to see Yani, and the kids love her. We have discovered Yani likes kids also, she is intrigued by these small humans and one of the young boys, approx. 3yro climbed the outside of her yard and Yani walked up to him and let him pat her on the face, which she hasn’t done for anyone else…..

Then we have had more rain, and more rain, so for the best part of the week it has been too wet and muddy to work with Yani.  We used the first sunny day as an opportunity to move Yani’s yard out to a grassy area away from the stable and out of the mud. Now I could work her again, but after another couple of days off she was anxious and nervous, but seemed to settle quickly, so I thought I would put some pressure on her and see how she would handle it.  Because she was so good being ridden only days previously I would continue straight to riding her without the ground work as much. Just as a small test, as when Yani feels too much pressure she will lift her front feet off the ground, turn and flee. She hasn’t felt the need to do this since early days when she first arrived, until this day…..

I was riding Yani bareback around the small round yard nicely, but she was hesitant to walk close to the other gear I had sitting on the yards rails. I thought I would ask her to go a bit closer to the gear, and that’s when she felt she needed to get out of there! Yani threw her head up to spin, and connected with my chin which rattled all the marbles, and next thing I knew I was sitting in the muddy puddle. Ha!

So Ok Ok, too much pressure, I’ll take smaller steps. So I went back to walking beside her and steering as if I was on her and asked for all the same things from the ground.

Thanks for the wake up call Yani, we have plenty of time to go slow and get it right. Yani is a good teacher, her dominant will is obvious and will need the time to allow her to accept work.

Looking forward to this week and more progression. 

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