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Brendan and Yani - Week 7

This week has been a fantastic for weather and for working Yani, which she has been doing very nicely.

I rode Yani 3 times with saddle and bridle again this week, two of those days in a row early on and she was still a little uneasy about me mounting, hurrying off once I’m on and being nervous. So I used the next few days to just reassure her that I’m not going to hurt her, taking the time she needed.

Today, Sunday, I rode Yani again and she was so much better with me hopping on. Still not as good as I’d like but getting there.

Yani was much better with the bridle and bit in her mouth, moving around the yard more relaxed and mobilising her jaw. She can shift her weight from ne shoulder to the other and remain balanced more, so we are really getting there now.

Being a farrier and an Equine Myofunctional Therapist I understand how important it is to go slowly to build the muscles it requires to carry a rider, if I hurry her and she becomes sore she may develop other bad habits to compensate for any soreness that can be caused.

I don’t like to “break” a horses spirit, I try to develop it and show the horse how to respond to what I’m asking, rather than have reactive flight response. The horse already knows how to move and change direction, so when I ask  Yani a question I also need her to show me how to ask the question better or differently so she can then better understand the required response.

It is so important to build a good trust base, so Yani accepts all the things I show her and in summing up our week we have had a good week of learning, relaxation and progressively lending all of that to the riding and generally accepting new things…. Our friendship grows.

P.S I couldn’t help choosing this photo to show off our awesome view of the snow capped mountains in the background.


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