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Brendan and Yani - Week 9

Well, week 9 has seen Yani and I progress some more and overcoming so more “first time” experiences. Continuing with some more riding and trotting over some poles, which Yani is very comfortable with so I arranged a few jumps varying in heights up to a maximum of 60cm.

We began by trotting over the lower heights and Yani had no issues, so I stepped it up a little and asked her to canter over them, again no problems at all so we aimed up the 60cm……wohoo, Yani is a natural!

But I don’t want to get too excited and over jump her as she may get sore and then not want to jump at all. Remembering she has only just started carrying a rider and she will need to develop her muscles for all the work she will now do as a ridden horse.

So after a little bit of jumping I finish Yani with a warm down trot with a relaxed low head carriage, and then I gave her a warm bath and shampoo. (another first)

Yani has also progressed to being in a paddock this week, and of course seems to like it a lot more than her yard. She still calls out if she sees us outside, and comes to the gate to get her “Top Foda” hay, and can still be caught easily…. Phew!.

Yani is relaxing more and more all of the time, I feel she is beginning to realise that learning is a good experience and will continue to want to learn more.

I have started to do some float loading training and she was very cautious of the float at first so I just walked her past it a few times and set up a comfortable spot at the back of the float, taking time to just stop and pat her and relax.

After a bit of this I started to load her on and off and in no time Yani was happy to go on, with the divider in place, get a nice rub, and then back off calmly, and slowly as she is very careful to put her feet down safely. By the end of this session I could sit on the float’s mud guard and ask Yani to walk around and load and wait for her rub for reassurance. This is only the start of her float loading and I think Yani will grow with confidence from here on.

With Yani’s ridden work we have just started working yielding the hind quarters. Her shoulders are quite balanced and controllable, so it is time to move the hind. I started from the ground first to show her what I was asking, then from in the saddle and Yani is quite sensitive to the leg so moves away with a slight ask. I just now need to show her how to differentiate a soft leg on to move quarteRs as opposed to rushing forward away from that contact in walk, but that will happen with time. Yani can do shoulder in on a circle in both directions so at this stage of her training I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the little Brumby mare, especially her willingness to please.

I invite anyone wanting to meet our Yani or watch her at work, please feel free to contact me to arrange a day and time. I’m sure Yani would like to meet you all…. :)


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