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 Well, what a week! Pick up day was amazing; I arrived to Brumby Junction to pick up my assigned challenge partner VBA Levi who was nervously waiting for me in his yard. Levi was reluctant, at first to investigate but would look at me, which is a great starting point! Given the chaos around us, the number people and the horses being chased into floats, Levi loaded like a champ. This gave me a quiet comfort and a little insight into his character and what I might expect when I start working with him.

I am attempting to do things a little differently this year and hope to do a complete liberty start with him; a bold move which I hope will see Levi walk, trot, canter, back up and turn without ever having a halter, bridle or saddle on him! My number one objective for the week was to have Levi tracking me at liberty, setting the foundations for his confidence. Being a wild horse, Levi is naturally very sensitive and won’t give his trust easily, this is going to take time. I was fortunate enough to succeed with my objective for the week, Levi is beginning to show his trust in me by demonstrating he can track me at liberty and is starting to interact and make contact with me. We haven’t had a great solid touch yet but I’m not worried; as my focus is on getting him confident around me first.

I’m super excited about Levi and the potential for what we can achieve together! Hard to believe week 1 is over already but looking forwards to what’s to come.

Until then,

Briar and Levi xx


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