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Week 13

This week has been a week of prepping Levi for his first ride. I need to get him comfortable with me being above and behind both of his eyes so that he can be comfortable and confident with the first time I lay on him. Levi has had the saddle on a few more times and each time it is a non-event, which is really great. I don’t normally saddle horses before there first ride but since Levi is quite touchy and flighty still, I’m using the saddling to my advantage with getting him used to having things on his back as well as seeing things on him and behind him.

For the first time ever this week Levi allowed me to walk right up to him in the paddock and pat him without him running or walking away. This was a pretty amazing feeling because it is showing me that he is really starting to become more comfortable and confident around me. We have also been doing a lot of legwork this week really starting to lift his back legs and I was even able to get my rasp out and give his front feet a little rasp. He was a bit worried by the sound at first but quickly became confident with the sound and sensation.

Levi is really starting to grow and build in his confidence; this makes me so happy to see because I don’t want his life as a domestic horse to be all about work and pressure. I want him to be able to look at his life now and still feel he has all the same choices as he did when he was wild. It’s a huge change for Levi and one I’m adamant about making as easy as possible.

This coming week will be a lot more confidence building work I may even try and introduce float loading. I also want to introduce the rug and give him a bath for the first time. I’m not to fussed about what gets done this coming week as it will be all up to Mr Levi but I would really love to hopefully get his first ride in if he is up for it. You can follow his journey on my Facebook Page Briars Brumbies and also my instagram @Briars_Horses I put up more detailed videos all the time about where is up to in his training. Thankyou again to all the sponsors McDowells Herbal, Paddock Blade, Whoa Steady Neddy, High Country Horses, Muscles ‘n Motion and as well as my own sponsors Dynavyte. They all help give these horses a second chance at life.

Until Next Time,

Briar and VBA Levi xxx