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Week 17

Wow what a week not just for Levi but for me as well. This week has just been a whole lot of busy. This week started off with a bang. I was planning to leave Saturday for the Brumby Festival to give Levi some time to settle in and see how he handles it, but plans changed and one of my mares ended up foaling just before lunch. So instead of taking levi to the brumby festival early we decided to just do a quick float loading session which he loaded like he had been doing it his whole life. We finished with a quick float around town and levi was a perfect floater. Once we got back home and I unloaded him I asked him to load back up again just so that he gets the idea that just because he comes off dosnt necessarily mean he is finished. I was really surprised with how confident he was with the whole process.

Sunday was a very very early morning, we started in the dark and I went out and caught Levi, which he was so great about. He kept surprising me because he walked on the float in the pitch black with no problem at all and floated well with Esther beside him. The festival was great and Levi was amazing. He had a few moments of uncertainty and worry but he really pulled through. For half of the day he was tied up in a small yard where there was a whole lot of human traffic whilst I went and rode Esther in a few of the classes. Towards the end of the day I sat down away from his yard and just watched people walking by and almost everyone stopped to pat Levi and it looked like Levi was really starting to enjoy it. Levis biggest fear has been people so to see him being so comfortable around people was really cool. At the end of the day Levi was so relaxed so I decided to get him out and take him for a walk around. He was so great that I was even able to take him into the Agility class where he encountered a bridge, washing line and a drag for the very first time. He was so great and I was so impressed with him.

I have then been so busy this week because I have had to move house so Levi hasn’t had much work at all but Levi got some more float training on Wednesday when he had to load up with two of my young colts to be able to transported to my new place. Just like everything else Levi was a true champ. Friday afternoon I had a small amount of time to work with him so he did some groundwork and also introduced a rug to Levi. I’m hoping the rug helps him shine up a little more before EQUITANA.

I have been so surprised with Levi and so proud of him and how far he has come this week he even came up to my mum in the paddock all by himself for a sniff and a pat. This is such a huge improvement from last week with Levi having a little freak out over having my weekly photographer come over. 

I hope to do a lot more ridden work now with Levi that I know that he is going to be able to handle EQUITANA confidently. Im excited to see how far we can come now in these last few weeks and keep growing with things that he already knows.

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Until Next Time,

Briar and VBA Levi xxx

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