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Week 18

I am getting more and more excited for EQUITANA as the weeks go on. Levi is growing more confident every day and his ridden work is starting to come along. We started out the week a little rocky with a few take off moments. Something really clicked in my brain this week though. I had a long hard think about Levi and his bolting taking off issue and whilst thinking about it something dinged in my brain and said remember the 5 golden rules and how pressure and release works. Well every time he would start to pull away from me I would get dragged for a little and then be running behind him, which would then keep him running away from me. Then when he got loose he would canter across to the other side of the paddock or wherever we were working and then I would stop and slowly go up to him to catch him. Well this has just not been working for him so I thought to myself maybe I have to just keep running after him, if that is what he is so worried about then why cant I keep running after him till he stops and faces me or starts to walk up to me and then I back off and give him the space he wants. I did this a few times and well, we had a huge break through and since he has kind of realized that when he runs away then ill keep running after him like a mad crazy women. Haha. I’m sure my new neighbors think I’m nuts.  Since realizing this Levi has been so much more confident and happy to turn and face me when he gets super worried or he just stops which is the response that is really going to help him in this human world.

We have got some solid trot work out of Levi this week and his go forward straight is really starting to come along. I plan to keep building on this with him before we get to EQUITANA so hopefully we can be confidently and solidly riding in the classes at EQUITANA. I also plan to take Levi for his first out ride in this coming week to get him travelling a little better and to take him back out where he feels most comfortable, the bush. Im so proud of Levi this week and excited to just keep working with him, I am now especially excited about EQUITANA and to see what he will be like in the big environment.

Thanks again for following our journey and I cant wait to update you next week.

Until Next Time,

Briar and VBA Levi xxx

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