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Wow what a week. VBA Levi has made huge progress this week. We started off the week with more liberty work getting him confident following me at liberty and following my whip a little more closely.

He is excelling at that so next I wanted to start pushing his comfort zone a little showing him that he can be brave and trust, and that when he is brave he can push the pressure away.

Saturday he had off and Sunday after doing some of our following/tracking work we started to work on getting him to confidently touch my whip or communicator stick, as I like to call it. I find a whip is for dominating whereas my whip is for communicating confidently that’s where my communicator stick comes from. Once he touched it the first time, he worked out pretty quickly that when he would touch it, I would drop it and back away giving him space allowing him to realize that he was in control of how much or how little I could push his comfort zone. 

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday went a lot like that. We kept working on building confidence and trust and would slowly close the gap. Sometimes having it so my hand could have almost touched him if I wanted to. But working on building his trust is my first priority. Thursday came and it was a horrible day so I gave him another rest day. He progressed really well Wednesday so I didn’t mind letting him have Thursday off.

Now we come to the last day of the week and wow what a difference. I now have him confidently eating out of my hand and being close to me isn’t quite as scary. I can now confidently touch him on the nose and am starting to initiate that first contact. I also really like that he is coming forward to touch my hand rather then me having to stalk up to him and coax him for a touch.

I’m super happy with him and his progress and can’t wait to keep working with him.

You can follow our progress more closely on my Facebook page Briars Brumbies and see what and where we are up to after each day.

Until Next Time,

Briar and Levi xx

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