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We did a whole lot of what we did last week, building confidence ad trust as well as starting to introduce the wither touch. I’m wanting Levi to be calm and confident and also wanting him to understand that when he works through something with his brain and not his feet that he can determine just how much pressure I put on him in the way of me being close.

I didn’t get to go out to him as much as I would have liked as I do also work as a nurse so sometimes I can get very time poor. Nonetheless every time I went into his yard he was walking straight up to me ready to learn. He still is quite flighty so we are working on that but his curiosity is really starting to show. Wednesday I brought in a big chaff bag full of hay and once I had emptied it took off across his yard and at first he ran away from it, but just as quickly he was following it.

There have been a few big changes in this horse and I’m really starting to see him as he is and not the scared wild one anymore. Thursday I came home to an extra horse, in with my other wild horses. I quickly realized that it was in fact Levi out with all the other horses. He had pushed through a panel and managed to unhinge it. I fixed the panel back up and opened the gate. Levi came up to me in the paddock and with my liberty follow cue we have already established I managed to lead him back into his yard. I thought that it was pretty cool seeming that some domestic horses wouldn’t want to go back to somewhere where they know they have to work.

Thursday I also introduced my little tame brumby, who I had for the 2016 Challenge VBA Esther Into the work I am doing with Levi. Esther is a very calm horse and Levi fancies her so I have been letting Esther into the pen whilst I work Levi to show him that some horses do trust me. Every time Esther is in the pen she is always at liberty but she likes to stay very close to me. Levi was watching me pat and work with her, in what I would like to think was amazement.

I’m happy with how Levi is progressing and reminding myself to not push him and he will come around when he is ready. I think it would be so easy to throw a rope over him and “Catch” and speed the process up. I have vowed to Levi, that I would train him at his pace, and do it his way so he learns we are a team and that he isn’t my workhorse.

You can follow our journey in real time at my facebook page Briars Brumbies or my instagram @Briars_Horses.

Until Next Time,

Briar and Levi xx

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