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Week 5
Levi has made the biggest progress this week. He has just grown so much in his confidence in me. I am using a lot of positive reinforcement with Levi. Following the 5 Golden Rules you learn to have a look at the horse in front of you and what most motivates them. For Levi grass and space is his biggest motivator. I use the positive reinforcement (grass) to reward the behavior that I’m wanting from him, so this week it has been touch on new areas and for longer periods of time. Then when he relaxes just the slightest I’ll back off and give him his space to think through.

Using this method has really helped Levis confidence grow and this week it has really shown. I can now pat down his off side. He allows me to touch down the side of his face and along his shoulder and back. I was even able to introduce the brush to him. Using the building blocks we have already established he took on the brush like it was just another part of me.

Something this week that really stood out to me was that when he would get worried and start to think with his flight brain he would go to flee and then would stop and think about it. I would then go back to something real easy like him touching my hand then I would give him his grass and move away. This really allowed him to realize that he had a choice in being with me and that I wasn’t going to force it on him. I was able to build my round yard again closer to the action so Thursday night I moved him back out into the bigger area.

Friday morning he was lacking a little confidence so we went back to what he new best and was comfortable with and then we would grow from there building back up to patting down his neck and shoulder and then reintroducing the brush. We finished on such a great confident note that I’m so happy with how far he is coming along. Another big thing I have noticed this week is Levis eye. It is really starting to soften and his inquisitive personality has grown so much that whenever I’m close he is always sniffing me trying to figure out just what I am.

I am really starting to fall for this little horse and I’m so excited to keep seeing him grow.

Until Next Time
Briar and Levi xx