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Week 6

Levi made some awesome progress this week. Saturday I had a few friends come over, so what did I have to do? Have them sit around the yard whilst I work with Levi so he could get used to more people being around. He started out worried about them so we did some focus work by moving his feet and changing direction so that he realized that it was just me that he had to focus on and not them. He did amazing and showed them some really solid work. He is getting more and more confident with leading at liberty and me touching him along his back.

At the end of the session he even laid down and rolled in front of me which I thought was amazing considering he is a very nervous flighty horse and is always ready to get out of there if he feels uncomfortable. So to see him that comfortable around me was just really cool.

Saturday afternoon I let him out with my other Brumby VBA Esther, to explore the big paddock and just be a horse for a few days. He had been confined to work yards for 6 weeks and if you ask me I would be pretty stir crazy so I thought after such a big break through he deserved a few days to just be a horse and enjoy his time with his new girlfriend. Esther is the lead mare of my brumbies. They all respect and follow her in everything she does. She is a real sweet mare so in times of need they all look up to her so to have Levi and her form a relationship can really help me in the weeks to come when I start to do some work off Esther.

I gave Levi till Wednesday afternoon to be out in the big paddock and when I opened up the gate to the round yard he walked right in. We did a little bit of touch work Wednesday but that was about it. Thursday we did more work on touch and brushing down his side and back. He is doing much, much better with this.

Friday I wanted to start expanding our range of touch so we worked on him giving me his not so confident side. We worked on this at liberty just getting him to travel around the round pen and then slowing down so that I could start to approach him with my whip. This helps build confidence so that we can progress to touching both sides. I plan to do more work on both side this coming week and start to introduce me working on him whilst I’m on the back of Esther. This will help him build confidence of me being above him and having Esther there to show him that I am ok and that he can give me his full trust. I’m really hoping to get more confidence from Levi throughout this next week so we can really start to progress to more challenging things.

I am super happy with how far Levi has come and am excited to continue working with him. He reminds me so much of one of my other brumby mares I was working with recently till she passed. She was a tough shell to crack and took a while to really get her confidence but when she gave it to me she gave it all to me and I’m really excited to see this happen with Levi.

Stay tuned for next week and remember you can follow our progress on Facebook at Briars Brumbies.

Until Next Time

Briar and Levi xxx