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Week 9

So, week 9 has been a very quiet week for Levi. Saturday, I worked with Levi on our Side Passing at liberty both directions. He picked it up like he had been doing it his whole life. One thing I love about wild horses is that they are so responsive to the subtlest movements. You can move your body language just an inch and the wild horses will pick up on it. It’s just about teaching them how to respond to each movement of your body. So, to be able to really start moving Levi around just using my own body language will really help him when it comes to his first ride. After our session Saturday I set him free out to the big paddock with all my other brumbies. I have 4 Brumbies all up, so I really love watching them be their own herd and how they communicate with each other. I always learn so much from watching them.

Sunday saw me head off on the plane for sunny QLD. I am up here till Monday the 27th so Levi will have a well-deserved break till then. This week’s Photo is of Levi side passing at liberty with just the cue of me crossing my legs over. The whips are just there to help guide his direction and help him if he gets confused.

I would love to thank my sponsors Dynavyte for the amazing products that they have put Levi on. He is really starting to shine, not just his coat but also his temperament.