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Briar and Esther - Week 10

This week has been spent going over all our groundwork. Getting Esther soft to the halter and working in a nicer frame on the ground so when I go to do more intense work under saddle her body is ready for it. I can now see her hindquarters starting to round nicely and the startings of her topline to sharpen up. She is also feeling a lot more comfortable since having had her chiropractic work last week. I am also an equisage therapist so I have just started doing treatments on her to also help loosen up her muscles so she can work them in the correct way. I believe that a happy horse is the best horse and when they’re happy you can get the best work possible from them so I try to keep them as supple as possible. Because Esther is still in the early stages of riding and work I’m still trying to keep everything short and fun when talking about riding. I plan to now start to really work on her riding skills and start to do a bit more canter work in the arena and start showing her the way of a working pony. 

Friday we got to go down to Cabarita Beach which is the closest waves beach to me. To get to cabba, because it is just over the NSW border we had to go through the tick gates. This is the first time she had to go back through the crush since day 1 when we had the not so good experience. It was amazing to see that Esther walked straight through with no problems at all. I didn’t have to pull her through at all and she willingly followed me in and although she was a little unsure of the spray she handled it like a pro. We got to the beach and because I took one of my other ponies, the first part at the beach Esther was ponied off Flicka. Esther also got some good one on one time with my mum. Because Esther has had all her work done with me I got my mum to walk her through the waves and help her get used to them. This is really the first time I have given the rein to someone else to help her through a problem and she handled it great. We then got to change horses and my mum jumped on board Flicka so I was able to have a ride of Esther quickly. Esther was very well behaved walking in and out if the water and we went for a little exploration down the beach by ourselves. I think Esther most enjoyed it when we got to have a little race up the beach against my mum and Flicka and although we weren’t that fast we still won.

Esther also got to meet a new person on Saturday and she was so comfortable with meeting new people that she was fine with being patted out in the big paddock over her breakfast.

She really has come such a long way since the first day and I cant wait for the weeks to come.

Until Next time.


Esther and Briar xx 

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