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Briar and Esther - Week 11

Well what a week and what a horse Esther is turning into. Esther is still in that stage where no serious work has been done or fine tuned but I feel that she is mentally and physically ready to be really put through her paces and moved up to really take things head on.

Esther hasn’t been worked every day this week with having new training horses coming and also other work commitments. But in the very near future I will have a lot of time to spend with Esther in the saddle educating her for her future as a riding pony. Every day this week that I have been able to work with her has been going through our groundwork and also starting our liberty work. I have Esther at a point where I can get her to follow me around the obstacle course with only a thin rope around her neck as well as a few little exercises without anything at all. She really truly is a little angel.

Working on picking up all four feet has been my main priority this week as well. I can pick up both front feet without a fuss at all now and have just started the early stages of picking up her back feet. I have also started taking the rasp to her front feet as I know how weird both the sound and feel will be to her never before touched hooves. She was unsure to start with and took a few sessions until she was really relaxed about it all.

Saturday saw our second open training session and I decided to have it at a open training area, where Esther has never been before and also where there were a few other horses and riders riding around. Esther was passed around to a few different people whom she had never meet or seen before and a few also had a little play with picking up her feet and leading her around, for the most part she was very relaxed around them all.

We had quite a crowd watching us ride around which was very cool and Esther didn’t mind the audience at all. I think she might like showing off in front of people. We can now very confidently and fluidly walk, trot and back up all off the slightest of pressure. We also had a little play around with some of the jumps there and took to it like she has been doing it her whole life. We were also lucky enough to have two little ponies break free and run a muck around the grounds, and were having a great old time galloping around us while people where trying to catch them. I think the only reaction Esther gave out of the whole thing was a little nicker of encouragement to the people trying to catch the naughty little monkeys.

Esther keeps surprising me every day and has gained a whole lot of new followers which is very nice to see and do because even just putting Esther out there a little bit is showing our Australian community, how amazing and magnificent these horses truly are.

Until next week

Briar and Esther xx


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