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Briar and Esther - Week 13

Esther has had a very good week this week full of learning new things, having new experiences and she has really just blossomed this week.

Monday we went out for ride up the road with a few of the other horses from our paddocks. There are few nice hills along the way to help with their fitness and it is also a great way of getting them used to riding beside the cars. Our road that we are on is very quite but we do get a few cars that drive along so we can expose the young horses to cars but not heavy traffic. Esther had 2 little freaks at the first 2 cars and as soon as I think she realized that they weren’t going to hurt her she was completely fine with them driving past as even as we were walking along.

Tuesday was another big learning experience for Esther. I had my farrier come to do a few of my other horses feet and because Esther’s front toes were getting a little long and knowing how good she is getting with picking up her front feet, I felt it was time that Emma could safely trim her feet. Esther was great only a few little pull backs when Emma started to rasp her feet but as soon as she got the hang of it she stood perfectly for them.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we just did a little bit of work in the arena again working on our cantering and starting to do a bit of leg yielding and learning a few more things that I like to get all the young horses doing. She is progressing great and I’m really happy with where she is up to with everything at the moment.

Saturday I was able to have a little session with her in between other horses and lessons. I have a goal of being able to work her off my legs and in doing that just being able to have a single rope around her neck as being my only thing on her. Because she is still just getting used to moving off my legs having the rope around her neck can be a good guide when she gets a little unsure of what I’m asking, so I spent a bit of time moving off the rope from the ground. Then we transferred what I was doing on the ground with her to when I was on her back. She was a little bit confused to start with, but after a little reassurance she quickly picked up what I was asking of her and was great with it all. I was also able to get her to walk over my bridge for the very first time in only just a rope around her neck. She makes me feel so proud that she is able to trust me in new situations.

Sunday was raining and I didn’t think I would get a session in at all but there came a time that the rain finally slowed and we had just a little drizzle. I had a chance to finally use a round yard to do a little work with her. I normally like to start all my horses in a round yard and Esther has actually been the only horse who is being ridden and has never been in a round yard, which is something different for me, and all though our relationship is really strong working her in the round yard can just help take it to the next step and will help with new steps in the future. By the end of our round yard session I had her following me around on all new different cues and when I took her back to the paddock I was still able to use the cues I had established in the round yard out in the paddock. We had a break for a little while and then I jumped on her again just to have another little ride around with just the rope again. She was right where we left off yesterday so I didn’t have to do much today but I also just introduced the trot and turning at the trot.

I plan this week to do more work with just the rope as well as starting a few new tricks and working on her fitness levels. I’m really enjoying where my little Brumby is taking me on this adventure, trying new techniques and doing new things. I love working with Esther and cant wait for the weeks to come.


Until next week

Esther and Briar xxx


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