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Briar and Esther - Week 14

Well both Esther and myself have had a very eventful week this week.

Monday saw us doing a little bit of work in my paddock really trying to establish our leg aids and moving off my seat as well to really help with having just the bailing twine. We finished off the session with a little bit of work to test and see how quiet she has gotten over the past few weeks. This entailed walking up onto the bridge and the proceeding to stand and lay across her back. In both instances she really couldn’t care less. I think she was most happy that she was able to stand still long enough to fall asleep.

We started off Tuesday with a nice ride out along the roads again, this time testing to see how good our skills had gotten with riding off my seat, legs and the bailing twine as guidance. The test had been set and Esther exceed all expectations being the greenest horse out on the ride and being the bravest one around especially when we had to encounter two very rouge, very tiny dogs that had escaped to come and meet us all. The other two ponies on the ride couldn’t work out how scary little things could be and Esther going into protective mode straight away helping me scare them back into their yards.

She was perfect out on the ride cantering up the hills and navigating bad terrain, nothing really fazes her now, not even the hoons that just don’t slow down no matter how loud you yell at them.

Wednesday we didn’t manage to get any riding in because I managed to get myself bucked off a very quiet breaker on Tuesday afternoon. This had me crippled for a few days and although I knew I had only really bad whip lash we went for a quick trip to hospital just to make sure nothing serious had been done. I managed to get the all clear from the doctor and a few very strong pain medications to help with the moving around.

Thursday I was pretty sore but I did manage to get out and just do a little bit of groundwork with Esther. I have been trying to start a few little tricks for Equitana so that gave me the perfect opportunity to get them working.

Friday Esther had another day off I hadn’t been feeling the best still and it had been raining so we decided to give it a miss. I did get a good grooming session in to try and get some of her hair out because it is all falling out in clumps and whenever I ride her bareback, I get a really hairy bottom.

Saturday I was finally starting to feel a lot better so I took the opportunity to take her down the back to do a little bit of jumping practice over a few of the fallen logs we have laying around. I thought this was a perfect opportunity again to test out our skills with just the bailing twine and she was great with it all. She has such a natural scope I’m hoping to get more jumping in with her and really see where she will take me with the jumping phase.

Sunday was Esther’s biggest day out. We were lucky enough to be able to get a good photo shoot in with some amazing photographers so we got to go in the float and go for a lovely trip up to Beachmere where there is a beautiful big beach where they take a lot of the racehorses for training. Here we got to get some great shots bareback in a halter and with just the bailing twine cantering through the water. This was so exhilarating having such a wild animal underneath you so care free with water splashing up at us was just magical. Sorry no photos of that this week but hopefully for next weeks update ill be able to post one.

 Esther has grown so much this week. She makes me feel so lucky to be apart of this journey and I’m so glad that I am doing this and I am really super proud of my little bush Brumby.


Until next week

Briar and Esther xxx



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