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Briar and Esther - Week 15

Esther had an interesting week this week. We started off Monday with my equine dentist coming out to do a few of my horses that needed their teeth done. Esther had a go with the gag and Samantha was able to have a feel around inside her mouth but we decided to leave actually doing her teeth for another week because she was very nervous about not being able to close her mouth and also having a hand inside. Samantha was able towards the end to have a good feel around inside her mouth and was also able to give me a better idea of her age. Sam said that for never having had her teeth done they were very good and were not very sharp at all. That is one reason why we decided to work on it a bit more and wait till she was more comfortable with the whole situation. Sometimes it’s better to leave things before they turn into a big problem. Samantha was able to age her round 8 years old and I plan in the next couple of weeks to get her teeth done completely.

Tuesday we had another little ride around working more on cantering and strengthening her muscles more to help keep the canter on the smaller circles.

Wednesday was a big day for Esther. We were invited down to my local pony club camp to have a chat to the kids and parents about our beautiful Brumbies and about my journey with Esther so far. We started off with an introduction talk and then got to take two groups off and run through a few tricks we have been working on for Equitana. We also got to show them just how versatile she is in learning new things. The kids all got to meet and greet Esther and I think Esther enjoyed showing off a few of her tricks. The comments I got from all the parents were that they couldn’t believe how quiet she was and after explaining to them that Brumbies really do make the best kids ponies when they get the right start to domestic life. We were also invited to have a go at a bit of horse archery and although Esther was a little unsure to start with, she progressed really well. I was even able to hit the target a few times, which I thought was a miracle in itself.

She finished off the week with a few grooming sessions just to get the last of the Brumby fluff that is still on her. I feel like every day I’m brushing and there are still a heap of layers to go till I get to that beautiful black coat underneath. I’m starting to see patches of beautiful black summer coat shining through, but the shine she has at the moment is just beautiful to see.

I plan to give her next week off before we knuckle down and start figuring out the final stages of what we are going to be doing for our freestyles and touching up on all of our other skills for Equitana.


Until next time

Briar and Esther xx


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