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Briar and Esther - Week 16

Esther had a week off this week so this update will be very short and sweet. When I would go out and play with her usually when she was eating dinner or breakfast, I have been just brushing her. She has got an awesome summer coat coming through but she has patches of long coat still suck there so have been grooming away. The only half exciting thing she has done which after week and a half off sitting in the paddock on Sunday I caught her put her halter on then jumped on and went for a ride up the driveway with a client on another horse, just so I didn’t have to walk. She was perfect like always just went with it and had a bit of fun I think. She really loves going out exploring and after her just sitting in the paddock with the other ponies and seeing them get caught and ridden I think she has kind of missed all the attention.


I now have a really good idea of what I want to have achieved by equitana so these last few weeks will be spent going through them all and touching up on any little problems along the way.


Until next time

Briar and Esther xx


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