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Briar and Esther - Week 17

Esther had a good break last week and was open and ready to work. Spring has well and truly come around and Esther is feeling it. She has become a whole lot confident in herself and me, and I can tell that because she is starting to push some boundaries a little to far. She has been testing me this week I think just trying to see how much I will let her get away with things. Previously I have been so patient have just kept things comfortable with her, trying not to push her to far and only making things slightly uncomfortable. This week we have really steeped up our training and have introduced new things and new aids and she has just been a little bit antsy about trying new things or working to hard. She has pushed the boundaries a few times this week resulting in a few harder sessions where I had to put a lot more pressure on her to show her that when she wants to not do things and through a tanty that could hurt me and herself that she has to know that she will be held responsible. With in saying that when I put pressure on for a while then take it off and start over she goes right back to the sweet little Brumby she loves to show everyone she really is deep down inside. It has only been a few times she has had to work harder than normal but both times she has come back and really thought about it and I think we have had our breakthrough of naughty stage and hopefully now we can move on to bigger and better things for Equitana.

We finished off the week with a good swim down at a little creek we go to, to swim the horses. This was an awesome little experience for Esther as there was a huge crowd of people swimming and kayaking around us. We also went for a little bareback ride around the place and she was very good. I can wait for next week learning new things, crossing new hurdles and all with the most amazing little Brumby by my side. My favorite times are the quiet ones standing together.


Until Next Time

Briar and Esther xxx


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