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Briar and Esther - Week 18

This has been a great week for Miss Esther. Her strengths are shining through and she has really steeped up and wants to learn more. She is really willing to try new things and I feel that she is taking on everything in her stride.

We have been spending the week going through little things we want in our freestyle and perfecting other things. The naughty little spell she was going through has gone out the window and she is back to her usual self. Still a bit sassy and ready to tell me how to be better but a super little horse who I just love spending time with and learning more together.

We finished off the week with taking her with one of my other ponies to a little local show jump day. I nominated her for a few of the little classes and she just kept improving and was enjoying herself. We ended up jumping the 80cm course and although we didn’t get right to the end because she was tired and told me she had had enough. We only missed out on the last two jumps and I thought it best to quit while we are ahead so she doesn’t learn to hate it. I was super proud of her the whole day and everyone who asked about her could just not believe that 111 days ago she was still wild and had never willingly had a human touch. I can’t believe how far she has come and is going, I am really loving this journey we are taking together and I can’t wait for the weeks and years ahead.


Until next time

Briar and Esther xxx


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