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Briar and Esther - Week 19

Esther had a very easy week this week as I have had a very busy week. I was able to get a good session in on Sunday, which was really good as I was able to see how she went from having a good week of work the week previously. Saturday I went out to ride my other pony and pony Esther off her.

I went out and caught her and she was awesome to catch did not have a care in the world. I have been practicing with her very intensively the release when she feels pressure on the halter because she can get very irrational about it very quick causing her to rear and sometimes flip herself over.  So once I had caught her and lead her forward a bit I wanted to just make sure she as going to give to pressure and lower her head. She had reverted back to her old ways and as soon as I applied the very slight pressure she freaked and reared. Didn’t flip over but didn’t think about it none the less, so I moved her feet around me getting her thinking changing direction trying to get her focus on track. Once I had thought she was listening again I tried again and this time she managed to rear and flip over. I was able to get her again and redirected her feet again as I know this method has been working extremely well she just wasn’t having it today. Man she is a very sassy girl and she knows what she wants. After she had tripped her self over and we worked her feet I went back in to try and apply pressure and she gave straight away. She looked at me like as though she was saying I thought you would have given up on that by now but was very willing to give it after that. She was perfect the rest of the day giving her a bit more groundwork on the pressure stuff and we had no more problems with anything at all. I ponied her off my other horse and even over a very small jump which she was able to trot over. I gave her a check over just to be sure she wasn’t hurting after she tripped her self over and she seemed fine so also gave her a little ride under saddle mainly just walking as I was cautious of her previous endeavor.

I felt like last week that we had over come this issue as it has been her biggest problem. I have been working and working on it but I really think it is just going to take a lot of time and repetition with my sassy little horse who is a older mare having lived all her life having to fight for her life and now that she doesn’t have to fight trying to get those natural instincts out of her is going to be a longer challenge. I hate seeing her like that and never loose my temper or even get angry when she gets a bit frightened like that because I want her to think about things before she reacts and if I get frustrated and angry I know she would get even more scared and terrified and I would hate to imagine about how much worse it could get.

I have my beautiful equine physio coming out next week to give her a good do over and check her out properly for me so I know that she is ok. I felt as though I was at a cross road with her on Saturday and was feeling down about how she had reacted but working with such unpredictable wild animals I feel I have to step into her shoes and realize that even though we have been working on things its going to take a bit longer for my wild little sassy pony.

Until Next Time

Briar and Esther xx


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