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Briar and Esther - Week 20

Wow what a superstar Esther is becoming. She has just been super all week and has had even more new people meet her and everyone always comments on how they just cant believe how normal she is. A comment is that she is better than their horses that have always been domestic and have been ridden for years.


We mainly just worked on her riding skills and a few things on the ground. She has gotten a heap better since last week and feel like we have over come another hurdle. I have also been doing a few open training sessions so people can watch Esther grow and our final one was this Saturday. Esther was brilliant the crowd loved her and her sassy personality. The same comment I got from everyone was that they were so inspired of the bond that we have together. I can really see that bond still growing even now and I feel that we are getting better as a team. I can’t believe Equitana is so close and that I leave for Melbourne next weekend. Its a long trip but I am so glad that this time I am coming down with my beautiful little mare.

This coming week we will keep working on everything, getting things perfected and ready for equitana. Its exciting times and Esther is still growing in her education.


Until Next Time

Briar and Esther xx


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