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Briar and Esther - Week 3

Week 1 (for me as due to work commitments, I missed the first two weeks of the ABC) started with a bang. I arrived quite late Sunday night to see my new Brumby VBA Esther in the dark. I started working with Esther Monday and was just planning to start working on facing up and getting her comfortable with me in her yard.

She didn’t really like my handy stick and string and every time the string would hit the ground she would kick out. This then lead to her kicking out and hitting one of the panels in her yard and splitting her foot open. We couldn’t quite see where she had done the damage so we needed to get a closer look.

We then had to put her in the crush and try and see if we could get close enough to see where the split was and hope it wasn’t the sole of her hoof. We eventually managed to get a look and see that it was just the edge of her hoof, which was very lucky. Whilst she was in the crush I put the halter on just so it was a bit easier in the long run.

Next few days her leg was pretty swollen so I didn’t do much with her just a lot of getting her used to me in the yard with her. Day 4 came and I finally got the lead rope back on and also got rubbing her face, which she realized secretly that she really enjoyed. 

The next day I taught Esther to lead off the pressure, this took a while as she liked to rear and hope around as though she was hobbled which I have never seen a horse do but after a while of working at it she was leading around like a pro. Once she got leading I took her out in the big paddock to have a look at the obstacles and she did them all without much of a fuss. She has been going over the bridge a few logs and even jumping over the tires. Her leg also healed up to a little bit of swelling and not being very lame since the first day, which was a big relief as we have to make sure she could handle the long journey back home to Queensland.

I also started brushing Esther on day 6 where I was able to brush her mane and down her back. I can now successfully bush all down her rump and to the top her legs as well whilst staying clam and thoroughly secretly enjoying it.

Day 7 also brought the introduction of the float and was able to use Colleen’s big open float to first do this. She loaded like a pro a few times over and stood on it quite calmly.

I am planning to be traveling the 1800km back to Queensland Tuesday morning and arriving when I get there, just going to take it slow with stops along the way so she can have food and water at the stops. She has come so far along the way and has really opened my eyes to how magnificent these Brumbies truly are. I have learnt so much this first week I cant wait to get her home and introduced to my horses and start her there again.

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