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Briar and Esther - Week 4

Week 4 was a great week. Esther has beaten all my expectations of what Brumbies should be. We started off the week as usual just going through the obstacles at Brumby junction and she even got her first trip in the float. She was perfect the whole first floating experience and even floated better than some horses that do it all the time. Because she was so good on the float on Monday we decided to try and float home Tuesday from Victoria all the way to Gold Coast Queensland. We left a little later than I wanted because we had the worst winds at Brumby junction as well as a lot of rain so I wanted to wait it out and see if it would pass. By 10.30am the wind had died down a bit and the rain was holding off. Esther was great to catch from her yard and loaded like a gem. We were off and on our way home.

Stopping in at truck stops every few hours right next to the highway was even easier for Esther being so calm about everything. We even came across a few screaming kids along the way and Esther was so good about everything even had her first graze on the lead right beside a highway which was pretty special.

We managed to make it in to Moss Vale on Tuesday night late and left at 9am the next morning just as it was starting to snow. She loaded again like a gem without a care that caravans were leaving right behind her and that it was windy and snowing. We stopped into the airport for a quick stop to pick up my mum to help with the final leg of driving and Esther was just as good as the day before.

We finally arrived home about 10.30 Wednesday night and Esther settled into her warm stable for the night till I could show her around her paddock. Esther settled in well and had a few days rest to recoup from the long drive home and just had a few basic handling sessions around the farm. Sunday afternoon I was invited to bring her down to the local showground’s to watch some horses at a local competition and Esther came along to see some horses being ridden and even jumping jumps. She took it all in her stride and was perfect to have around. We touched up on a few of our lunging skills and started learning “backing up”. I can now touch all the way down her front legs and will start picking feet up in the week coming up, as well as establishing a good ground work routine and lunging on the lead. Esther has been so calm throughout everything and has really surprised me with how amazing her attitude is and now to know that I am her comfort when she is scared or not sure of a situation is amazing. Everyone who has meet Esther has also fallen in love with her. 

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