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Briar and Esther - Week 5

Esther had an easy start to the week this week. She was lucky enough to have a few days off out in the paddock to just chill out whilst I had to work as well as work with a few of my clients horses.

Tuesday was a big day for Esther she had her first rug on. She couldn’t quite work out the whole thing and when I let her go in the paddock she couldn’t work out that she could still walk if I wasn’t leading her with it on. She figured it out after a while and was great with it on. Because it has been so hot up here in Queensland I wasn’t able to leave her rug on for a long time as she was just getting to hot with her already thick coat.

When I could I kept working on getting Esther to bend through her neck so I could start preparing her for her first ride and also keep touching up on her lunging skills.

Fridays I don’t have to work so I was able to get a good session in with Esther as well as working one of my other ponies. This led to Esther being led off my little stock horse where we went exploring around the property. She was very good and was leading off my stock horse like a pro in minutes.

Saturday I had a few hours free between a few lessons where I was able to work with Esther again and I had finally decided it was time to back her. She was great and handled it super well I just took it nice and easy with her and let her relax before I finally sat up on her back with both legs on either side of her. I then sat up there for a few minutes just letting her get used to my weight in that position and then slid back off where she stood still without a care in the world. I left her there on that great achievement.

Sunday was another big adventure for Esther we decided to go to the beach for a fun time and a little swim in the water. She loved swimming and splashing around and after a bit of fun I decided to back her again and start to teach her to move off leg pressure and start walking. She did great still not moving off my leg as well as I want but she has come so far that we have plenty of time to get everything sorted. I was lucky enough to have a few friends come down to the beach as well. They helped lead Esther around to get her moving and feeling everything in a new way. Everything was done calmly and smoothly, it just goes to show how amazing our beautiful Brumbies are. The beach was packed with dogs and other people having a good time watching the horses in the water as well as having motorbikes, boats, jet skies, helicopters and kites flying around everywhere, Esther took it all in better than one of the ponies who has been to the beach already a few times.

My goal for next week is to get our stop start and turning happening better as well as making my own obstacle course to have her going around. 

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