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Briar and Esther - Week 6

Esther has come around in leaps and bounds this week. It has seen Esther grow into a beautiful little pony who is not only confident in herself but in other people as well. A few of the little girls next door to me are just in love with little Esther and have been telling me that they can get Esther eating out of their hands over the fence, so I brought the little girls around to be able to make real friends with Esther. She was walking up to them confidently for a little head scratch and some chaff.

We had our first walk off the lead on Tuesday, which was pretty special it was also the first day I was able to properly trot her around on the lunge in both directions.

Wednesday I just hung out and spent a bit of time with Esther working on picking up feet and being comfortable still with me touching all the way down her back legs so I can hopefully start picking those back feet up so I can trim her feet a little.

Thursday I didn’t get to spend much time with her as I was busy doing a few of my other horses trying to keep them in a bit of work whilst still keeping up with my day job and Esther. It can get a little challenging but everything seems to be all coming along so nicely with Esther that I don’t mind her having a few days off here and there at this point in time.

Friday morning I was able to take Esther for nice long walk down the road where we encountered cars, dogs and bridges to walk along which was a pretty great experience for her. I was also able to have a little bit of time to jump back on Esther and give her nice big walk around the paddock again working on our go button.

Saturday was a big day for Esther, I was able to make a pretty good little obstacle course with a lot of new things for her to go through and over as well as meeting a few of her followers. A few people came to watch and learn a few things off Esther and they got to see really just how calm she is for having been out of the wild for a short period of time and how willing she is to do nearly anything, with a few kind words and her all so favorite head scratch.

Sunday we went for our first ride out side of the paddock. We were able to have a nice ride with one of my friends on her horse as well just to act as a leader for Esther’s first time, but Esther got the hang of things pretty quickly and soon wanted to be the leader. We also went for our very first trot out in the open and she was just perfect the whole time. She is so light of the feel of the halter which is pretty cool and I always have people commenting on how well behaved she is for riding around bareback and when I tell them she isn’t long out of the wild they just cant believe it.

My aim and goal for next week is to be having her front feet trimmed and also her back legs start being picked up as well as have her first saddle on. I also hope to improve our go button even more and hope to work up to getting our first canter. 

Until next week

Briar and Esther xx

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