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Briar and Esther - Week 7

Esther started of this week with a few days off as I have had a busy start to the week and other than a few pats haven’t had time to be able to work with her properly till Thursday. Thursday I worked some more on our ground work especially our picking up feet as her front feet need a trim and will be having my farrier out to give her, her first trim. She has been very abrupt bout picking up her feet for sometime, but on Sunday we had a total change. I was able to just go up to her and she willingly picked up her front feet.

Friday I spent a bit of time brushing her and giving her a bit of love I braided her mane and tail and helped her feel like a little show pony. She loved being fussed over and she also realized how amazing a good tail scratch can be and I think that may be her absolute favorite thing about me being around. She also had the saddle on for the first time and got to hang out with one of my young students who just loves her.

Saturday I was just planning to do a bit more ground work with Esther whilst wearing the saddle but she just excelled in everything I threw at her and so calmly just like she had been doing it her whole life so I also decided she was ready to have her first ride with the saddle on. And just like everything else she was great. She has improved with her go button and we were able to go for a nice walk and trot around the paddock.

Sunday I took her for another ride but I also introduced her to the arena where there are few more spooky things. We also had a huge truck turn into the driveway close to where we were riding and although I stopped to let her have a look she didn’t care about it at all.

She has come so far and I am still amazed at how well she is taking it all in she has turned into quite the paddock pony nickering at me whenever I arrive and will follow me around the paddock when I’m picking up poo. She is the sweetest little mare and tries so hard at everything I throw at her. I plan to get her feet trimmed for the first time this week and do a bit more riding and hope to get our first canter as well.

Until next week

Briar and Esther xx

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