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Briar and Esther - Week 9

Esther had a very relaxing week off, other than a few brushing sessions and meeting a few more of my family members. She was able to have the week off to process all the things that have been happening since day 1and to take in all the changes she has had to make. Her only real day of work, which she thoroughly enjoyed, was on Friday where we took a few other ponies out for a ride through the bush.

 I was able to have a day off with no work on Friday so I took the advantage to show Esther what we do get to keep the wild child inside of her. I wanted to take all the pressure away from her so I thought I would take her back to the basics where it all began, in just a halter. She had a spring in her step the whole way and her ears pricked and she wanted to lead the way and show the other horses how was done. We got to go through a few creek crossings and the other horses all stopped to have a look, but not Esther, she was the first one in every time and would take the advantage to get to the front of the group.

We also had our second lot of canters up a few of the hills and although we did have a little scare walking along one of the tracks when one of the dogs jumped out and brushed past her back legs. I didn’t quite have the stick as we were both so relaxed walking along and I did have a unexpected dismount but instead of her running off like I would have thought she would she just went up to the other horses and looked at me as if asking why I was on the ground. I suppose we can now say she is very well broken to dogs because after that my mums dog wouldn’t leave us alone and trailed very closely beside us the rest of the way home which kind of forced the dog love onto Esther and she coped very well with it hardly caring at all after a few minutes.

I had also booked Esther in with my chiro Friday afternoon to have a look at her, and if he could we would try and give her a readjustment as I know she was a little sore in her shoulders and along her back. My chiro introduced himself to her and at first she was very unsure of him but as soon as he was able to help her feel better she had the biggest relaxed moment and went straight to him for cuddles. It was pretty amazing to see that as soon as she knew he was there to help her feel more comfortable she pretty much did anything for him and he was able to give her a good make over.

Esther had the rest of the weekend off and I was able to spend a little bit of time Sunday morning over breakfast to be able to give her a good brush down as she has been able to have a few naked days in the hot weather up here in QLD.

Until next week.

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