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Join Brooke and Chance on their journey !

Brooke had a later pick up date so started training in week 2

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VBA Chance

Chance is a rising yearling gelding who was conceived in the wild and born here at our Brumby Junction sanctuary after his mother, VBA Zali's capture. Chance grew up in a wild herd here and was weaned a month before the Australian Brumby Challenge commenced. Zali and Chance originate from the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. Chances dad, VBA Maximus is also in the Australian Brumby Challenge, being trained by Rachel Clarkson. Zali has thrived since her arrival here and is undertaking the Australian Brumby Challenge with trainer Vicki Wilson. Chance will be trained by Brooke Palmer in the Australian Brumby Challenge Yearling division.

Brooke Palmer

Yearling Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Aged only 17 years old, Brooke started riding as a Four year old and was hooked! As a Nine year old, Brooke started out with a green broken Arabian Pony. Originally limited by finances to horse with no or very little education, Brooke has taken on horses from the local pound and the knackery.

This beginning has encouraged Brookes love of training. Her love of the underdog has lead her to the Australian Brumby Challenge. Brooke hopes to help make a difference in the life of  the Brumby she is allocated and to showcase what Brumbies are truly capable of.​