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Brooke and Chance – Week 10


This week has been full of “wow” moments. Chance is developing into domestication quicker than I could ever imagine. We had the slowest start compared to what the other trainers seemed to have but Chance is making up for that so well. This week was just about building Chance’s confidence and trust around me. We started off in the arena just doing some obstacles but when I realised how quickly Chance achieved even the “tricky” obstacles I knew it’s time to step things up! Chance started off standing on the block, but then when this became a walk in the park he was introduced to standing on his block while his block stood on a tire. Super easy! He walked over tarps and over trot poles; there was nothing Chance wouldn’t do.

 A couple more days in the arena and I felt Chance deserved a day off and some quiet time so it was a day out in the paddock. Chance had a couple of quiet days after that until yesterday; I introduced the float to Chance. It took only 8 minutes until Chance was fully in the float; he stood in there confidently and backed out well! I put him back out in the paddock for a break and got him out about an hour later to do the same thing. This time he just walked straight up without any hesitation. I then thought how about a nice walk down the farm, Chance thought this was fantastic! I have learnt with Chance that as long as he is walking behind me or close to me he is happy to do anything.

Chance spent the night out in the paddock and has officially, if all continues to go well, has said goodbye to his old yard. Today Chance recapped on floating, not that he needed to before meeting some new people and having a snooze with me in the fabulous sun we had today. After a quiet nap Chance and I had a play with a brush and from that we were able to have a rug on. I thought why not stop here though, he seems unbothered by everything else so hey, let’s have a go at picking feet up, well, could I have gotten a better horse for that? I don’t think so! Everything I have thrown at Chance this week he has coped better than I ever expected!

Until next time.

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