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Brooke and Chance – Week 12


This week has been an incredibly wet week. I have really been limited to what I could do with Chance due to my property being under water. Chance is an official paddock pony that is very easy to catch and halter out in the paddock, in fact I never have to walk to him, by the time he hears my voice he is already at the gate waiting for me. On the weekend I planned on taking him to the indoor, these plans were shattered when Chance panicked in the float and got his leg caught. Chance is fantastic and very willing to do anything when I am at his head, as soon as im not there he struggles to be a big boy and freaks out. I knew that there was nothing I could do for him and it was a case that he needed to figure it out himself. Soon enough he did, he was back to being calm and was happy to eat the treats, backing him off the float was another story and he was scared to back off. Eventually this was achieved with me just being patient and giving him the time he needed. He escaped with a very minor cut on his leg to which he let me hose it off and treat.

I still went to the indoor, just with a different horse, when we got back I decided to put my other horse in with Chance, the had a quick sniff and Chance came back to spend time with me instead. Chance is pretty proactive of me and doesn’t appreciate other horses near me so they often get Chance pinning his ears back. This is the only time I see Chance behave this way. He doesn’t do it out in the paddock when i’m not there or to any people that I have introduced yet.

I look forward to doing more with Chance this week and start working on the routine for EQUITANA.

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