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Brooke and Chance – Week 13


This week has been filled with both highs and moderate lows. While Chance is still forever learning (and very keen to learn also) being a yearling I feel limited to how much I can do with him but at the same time I feel like there is still heaps to do at the same time. I can only imagine that this is because Chance is the first proper young horse that Ive had to teach all basics to.

This week I started teaching Chance some tricks, while I would like to keep the tricks a secret for now he has picked the tricks up incredibly quickly and I am stoked. He is an awesome little dude and he proves how wonderful Brumbies really are.

This week I really started to introduce people to Chance, this started off with my non horsie partner who tends to be scared around horses. Chance was absolutely fantastic!! He was calm, however also responsive. He let Kane, pat and brush all over his body and on both sides. Originally Chance was fairly concerned with any one being on his off side so I didn’t know how he would cope with Kane, but he was awesome, stood relaxed enough that he didn’t even need to be held on to. This really made me proud. I figured that with EQUITANA not that far away I really need to start perfecting the basics. While I will still continue perfecting our tricks, the basics really need to happen also.


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