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Brooke and Chance – Week 15


Lets begin by saying that the realisation that EQUITANA is next month both terrifies me AND excites me!

This week has been incredibly cruisey, the weather has been absolutely shocking and I’ll be glad to see the sun out for more than one day. Because of the weather Chance has been living his life out in the big paddock with my two other horses, at first I was a bit concerned that he would form an attachment with the other horses and be impossible to catch, but this was not the case at all. In fact we also had the cows in the same paddock eating down the grass that has gotten so long and Chance seemed to follow the cows around and leave the horses over the hill and on the other side of the paddock, this amazed me. However what also amazed me was the fact that Chance was still so easy to catch, in fact he was the one who would often walk to greet me, I thought with all the space (roughly 7 acres) and all the green grass Chance was sure to be happier without my company.

Chance had his first time being caught under lights on Friday night, silly me thought there was no rain coming and left his top coat off (he tries to scratch it off) it was about 1 in the morning and the rain started bucketing down and I knew that without making sure he was nice and warm there would be absolutely no hope that I would sleep that night, so off I went into his big paddock with a torch and the arena lights on. At first he was very unsure, but once he herd me and had a sniff he begun being comfortable, I really do have doubts that if it was someone new he would have stayed there because he was extremely unsure about me and usually I am his comfort blanket,  this however is great news! Means he can’t be horse napped from me ha haha.

Yesterday I had a friend over working her horse so Chance came up to have a scratch and watch what was going on. Must have been pretty boring for him though because he ended up putting his head in my hood on my back and falling asleep, giving me a great sense of warmth with every breath he took.

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