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Brooke and Chance – Week 16


Unfortunately this update will be rather short.

With show season underway Chance has had the week off while the show ponies come in for some maintenance. This hasn’t seemed to bother Chance that he has had minimal attention for the last week, he is a horse who most of the time keeps to his self. He is very approachable out in the big paddock even when he hasn’t been touched for days, this makes me very pleased to see that it is evident that the foundations were laid strong in the beginning.

While the horrid weather does not want to leave us, it was nice to have one day of very very hot weather, unfortunately this was a day that I could not get out to the horses due to both school and work.  It amazed me when I got a message from my dad’s partner that Chance had allowed her to take his rug off, in the middle of our huge paddock without even a halter. That makes me incredibly happy that he felt comfortable to be around someone else without me there and without a halter on to.

I can’t wait to get back into it with Chance and to prepare ourselves for EQUITANA

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