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Brooke and Chance – Week 17


After a bit over a week left in the paddock, Chance came back into the domesticated lifestyle. After a couple of days of just lunging, yesterday I decided to do a bit of float training. This is the first time I’ve had Chance near the float since he got scared and cut himself up last time. I was very cautious this time; I did not want history to repeat itself. As usual, I used my most common training method – the sit and wait. I have always used this as my preferred method because it allows the horse to assess the situation without any added pressure or anything else to worry about. Within a second Chance had both of his front feet on the tail gate, this was a great start. From then it was a little bit more time consuming. I am all about allowing the horse to find the right answer, I use treats as the reward, a bit like clicker training, treats are available, it is just up to the horse to find the right answer to get rewarded. Chance has always been so good at finding the right answer luckily. Within about 20 minutes Chance was in the float, I didn’t lock him in because once on, I like to then get them back off and do it again. Chance was awesome through this process and eventually relaxed enough to stand there and eat. I always like to leave things on a good note so I left it at that.

Today I went back out there and begun the float training again, the weather was horrid so it took roughly an hour to get Chance on the float, once on though he stood there calmly and I even got to do the whole float up, I was extremely impressed with him and decided its time we go for a little drive. We went for about a 10 minute drive up the road with Chance’s lead mare, I only heard a thump once but then it stopped so I didn’t bother checking him. I knew there would probably be a time where Chance would be uncertain but I knew once he figured it out he would be fine –and he was. I got my partner to undo the back of the float and Chance waited patiently for him even with all the noise it was making. I was a bit scared Chance would go flying back and slip over (my float can get very slippery when wet) but he reversed very calmly and like a champ!

My friend brought her filly around (born the very same day Chance was! How cool) for a play, unfortunately she was full of sass and Chance saw her as hard work so decided its best to stay away ha haha. He is extremely cruisy!!

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