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Brooke and Chance – Week 18


This would have to be the update I am most excited about. So much happened this week and when it comes to choosing just a couple photos I think I am going to suffer! This week was a week full of show prep, there was trimming involved, clipping, trotting on the lead and float loading. Chance was such a wonderful participant, most of the time he stood there falling asleep. Friday was our chance to see where our training was at and how comfortable Chance was with me as his partner. He absolutely blew me away, on Friday I loaded him up onto the float for his first ever solo float trip and his second ever float trip. He was amazing, not once did he freak out nor shut down, I could see he wasn’t 100% fully relaxed but he was relaxed enough that he could stand in the float have a look around and eat on his hay. Usually I don’t feed hay in the float, but since he is such a baby, and has  a short attention span I like to make sure he doesn’t get bored and then try new things in the float. Once we got to our destination, a fancy barn with four other horses in the stables, Chance calmly got off the float and was happy to follow me around. I was so impressed with how he handled his first time stepping foot off the property and also the first time seeing a stable, he was looking at everything, but was comfortable enough to know that I wouldn’t endanger him in any way. I put him into his stable to just chill out while I unpacked the float, he had a few people come up to check him out and he took that very well, he even walked up to greet them. On that Friday Chance had his first warm water bath in the indoor wash bay and then came back to his stable to have some dinner and get plaited – another first. He was so well behaved; people could not believe he was ever wild; he was behaving the same, if not better than a horse that has been handled its all life. Once he was all rugged up, including his hoods on it was bed time, we stayed in the living area on top of the barn and I didn’t hear Chance all night, when I came down there in the morning he had shavings all over his rugs so I assume he spent some of the night having a lay down. I went down there at 5:10 to wake them up, I took him to the wash bay to have legs hosed down and do make up, he was truly awesome to do all that with. He had a quick bite on breakfast while I packed the float and then it was time to load them up to go to the show. I was surprised, as well as proud when Chance was the first to load onto the float in the morning – He just walked up it like he has been doing it his whole life! The show we went to was extremely busy, much like a royal atmosphere – Chance had a little look around and became a bit unsettled so I took him over to the oval where there were other horses. There was some sheep loose and Chance has never seen sheep, well not with me anyway so he looked at them funny. Once he realised the oval was made of grass, the head went down and he ate the grass like there was no tomorrow, this settled him very well. We came back over to the float and Chance was very very calm and relaxed. We went in one class for the day, the day was more about getting him used to that kind of atmosphere, in which we both succeeded. In the class we got a second place and great comments from the judge – also great comments from other people who came over for a pat to say how cute he was and ask questions about his breed. After his class I called it a day, I don’t make horses do any more than their attention span can handle. I tied him to the float and forgot about him while I started packing up everything, when I finally remembered him I went to check him and he was struggling to keep his eyes open. How cute.

It was so funny to see throughout the day how at every person Chance would stop and wait for a pat from them.


This is the link to our youtube video – too hard picking just one or two photos.

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